Thursday, March 12, 2009

15 Amazing Images of the Human Body

Thanks to Henry for sharing this site, which shows amazing photos of a variety of human cells and other structures. Take a look, they're great!


Eva 6 said...

I looked at the 15 pictures posted. They were taken by an SEM which is some form of electron telescope. They were so clear and vivid that it was kind of hard for me to imagine them in reality though.

Period 7 Justin said...

The picture of tooth plaque is particularly disgusting. However, it's interesting to see that plaque has a structure as opposed to being blobs of gunk that stick to your teeth.

The close-up of the lung cancer, strangely enough, seems like a picture of a coral reef to me. The pattern of the lungs/cancer is very similar to that of coral, and like Eva said, it's hard to put the picture into context when we are viewing microscopic parts of the body at that large of a magnitude.