Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Car maker develops its own flower species

Toyota has created a new plant species designed to offset the CO2 created by its Prius assembly operations. By RICHARD BLACKBURN.

Read about it HERE

What do you think these plants are doing to use MORE CO2?

Do you think we should be planting these all over high-polluting cities?

What do you think about what these engineers have done?


Nate Donato said...

Perhaps I missed something, but to my understanding the flowers do not use more CO2. Instead, they release more water vapor, which cools the factory. The CO2 reduction stems from the fact that the factory uses lots of CO2 to keep the facility cool to prevent any possible imperfections caused by excessive heat. Perhaps we could grow some on the roof of the math classrooms at cps, which get really hot...

APBIO5erik said...

It seems that these engineers have either successfully boosted Toyota's "green" image campaign, or they have made a breakthrough in terms of efficient factory operation. The very fact that they have developed these plants as to reduce the need for advanced cooling systems is a major breakthrough. In most factories, cooling is one of the greatest issues: in an automotive plant, the heavy machinery and robotic assembly devices require, literally, tons of coolant. The other innovations the factory uses to maintain low CO2 emissions are simply ingenious. Making a combined 55 percent drop in emissions, this system serves as an example to factories worldwide. I believe that global factories (not necessarily cities) should learn from Toyota and experiment with new green technology.
On a slightly pessimistic note, I do hope that this is not only one of Toyota's publicity campaigns, especially as it focuses on the company's spotlight-hungry Prius. My other fear is that this may simply considered as another crazy invention from Japan, as many ingenious innovations coming from that region are. Personally, I feel this endeavor of Toyota provides a template for factories everywhere, not only to appease greenies, but to increase efficiency and dependence on expensive resources. If Toyota begins to move this technology to its other factories, such as those in more polluted areas or those that manufacture larger vehicles, even to any of its factories in the Western World, it will provide far more incentive competition to other automakers and factories alike to follow in its footsteps.
P.S. If the flowers are that colorful, I think they should be planted everywhere.
P.P.S This isn't really my section but those flowers attracted my curiosity.