Sunday, January 10, 2010

Resurrecting the Extinct?

Wow! Check out this segment of tonight's "60 Minutes."Scientists are currently doing research involving interspecies cloning and surrogacy, a bit like what Michael Crichton suggested when he wrote Jurassic Park. DNA from and endangered species is inserted into the egg of a common species, then the egg is put back into the surrogate mom. It has worked fine in a couple of species of wild cats. If it proves to be generally successful, the technique could be used to resurrect any species for which we have DNA - even things like wooly mammoths! Watch the video!!!


Anonymous said...

(This is Nick) A group of scientists (briefly) managed to ressurect the extinct Pyrenean Ibex by cloning it and implanting the embryo in another ibex of an extant species. Sadly, it died a few minutes after being born due to a lung defect. It was the first animal ever to become "un-extinct".

ΆΛЯΘй said...

I had always wondered if that method of cloning from Jurassic Park could work or not. Thats really amazing that it actually can work like that, how incredible would it be to resurrect animal species that are already extinct. Science never ceases to amaze me.