Monday, May 3, 2010

Teen Begins Ascent of Mt. Everest?

This is the latest report I can find about Californian teen trying to be the youngest person to climb the "Seven Summits" - the highest point on each continent. In the film you watched in class, the climbers have to go up and down the mountain over several weeks, acclimating to the altitude. The teen and his parents are taking an alternate route that doesn't involve this acclimation stage. Hopefully we'll find out soon how he's doing!


Per2Kiana said...

How can an alternate route render acclimatization unnecessary? The change of altitude and the body's need to adjust to it doesn't seem like something that can be avoided. o_o

Julie Jung said...

"It could take ... a couple of weeks or a couple of years," -- I thought it was interesting how in the Everest documentary that we watched ("Into the Death Zone"), it was mentioned how the whole journey to the summit consisted of multiple trips to and from base camp. I wonder how going from 17,600 feet to base 1 back to base camp to base 2 etc helps acclimation. Also, I wonder whether the detrimental effects of o2 deprivation on the brain and body are more serious in a younger, less fully developed 13 year old than on the middle-aged men from "Into the Death Zone."