Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Biologists on the verge of creating a new form of life!

As we begin the study of cells, read this interesting article. In particular, watch the video part way down the page - it's really cool, and relates to the possible origins of the first cells.


Gabe said...

Can the ideas of protocells really create a world that is not water based? I feel like water, because of it's unique shape, stability, and relative abundance, will always be one of the main ingredients in creating life. Also, protocell work only demonstrates one possible avenue for the origin of life, what I consider the holy grail of biology. I don't understand how fatty acids could naturally occur without living organisms, do they appear naturally?

casey.drubin said...

the textbook has a simplified diagram on page 353 of how long carbon molecules (including fatty acids i guess) could have formed without organisms