Monday, May 2, 2011

How to do your Wikispace Assignment!

In lieu of a panel evaluation for the circulatory and respiratory case studies, your group will create a wikispace that provides a summary of the material in the case study that other groups will be able to read and comment upon.

To begin, you'll need to set up an account for your group at
This is pretty straightforward, but how you name your wikispace is critical! Please name your wiki according to this exact format: CPS2011BioPer_Circulatory_ (or Respiratory_). For example, if your group is working on Circulatory Case Study 1 and you are in period 3 Bio, you'll call your wikispace CPS2011BioPer3Circulatory1.

Once that is accomplished, play around a bit to see how creating a wiki works. You can type and edit text, drag in images and videos, and create new pages. You'll need to do all of these to create your wikis.

What your wiki should do is to summarize your case study in an interesting and attractive way, addressing all of the questions is narrative form. You need to include at least one image and one video. Ideally, you will organize your material into several pages, for example, starting with an "overview" page that provides background (perhaps pertaining to the "general" questions, and introducing the basic issue of your case study. Here is an example of a really good wiki from last year http: // Notice that while the content and visuals of this page are great, it's kind of long, and might have been easier to absorb if it had been organized into pages.

Another important thing that you need to do is to invite your instructor to join your wikispace. This will ensure that your teacher has access to your wiki in case you accidentally name it improperly, etc.

When all groups are completed, you will be choosing two other wikis to read and comment on, so as you work, keep in mind that your audience is really the rest of the class, so give them a good experience!

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