Friday, September 30, 2011

Oral Presentation Scoring Guidelines

Cell Organelle Oral Presentations - 30pts total

Content (10pt max)

Complete, excellent, additional material discussed -10 pts

Complete, good but not excellent -8 pts

Textbook level, basic and satisfactory - 7 pts

Incomplete, but most items covered -6 pts

Substantially incomplete, poor -5 pts

Presentation (10pt max)

Exceptional, clear, concise, organized, effective use of time -10 pts

Clear, concise, organized but some areas rough -8 pts

Average presentation/organization, some parts unclear, timing okay -7 pts

Breaks in presentation, dull, disorganized such that ideas are unclear -6 pts

Poorly done, unprepared, chaotic, way too short or too long -5 pts

Model (10pt max)

Excellent design and materials, truly inspired -10 pts

Visually pleasing, generates some enthusiasm -8 pts

Somewhat engaging, design is average -7 pts

Dull, little effort beyond very basic -6 pts

Uninspired, does not communicate information correctly -5 pts

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