Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just in time for Halloween!

Well here's a fun little article to get your blood flowing, so to speak! Maybe Dracula had it right all along??? Read "A Taste for Blood!"

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Period7Lisa said...

Eww. This is SO creepy!
I have to say that these blood sucking animals/things seem to be quite a bit smarter than other animals. The examples in the second (or third?) paragraph on the second page about the flying up to a white chicken all nicely so that the chicken takes the bat (i think that it was a bat) under their wing like a baby. Or the leeches that go up your nose EWWW.

How do these blood sucking animals help the world? They must have some positive stance in nature or do something helpful... do they? I mean if all they do is suck the blood from other living things than are they really helping anyone? Why don't we just kill them and not worry about getting our blood sucked?

Unless of course you are one of those people that sticks your arm onto the top of a jar so that bed bugs can drink your blood. I suppose that is like antoher form of giving blood right? To perhaps an equally as needy organization (but a lottt more creepy.)

All of the examples in this paragraph "vampire bats ... New World leeches... Old World leeches ...vampire finches of the Galápagos ... tiny, eel-like catfish ..." are there any humans that suck blood? Cause isn't that what Dracula does? So there aren't actually any dracula like humans, just animals... Just clarifying so I don't have nightmares :D