Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NFL players plagued with antibiotic-resistant Staph infections.

Here's a real life example of something we talked about at the beginning of the year - the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In this case, many NFL players have been diagnosed with a particularly virulent strain of Staph known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Certain teams, such as the Cleveland Browns, seem to be particularly heavy hit by this dangerous infection. Read the article linked above to find out more.


Period4_Gregory said...

This article just serves to remind us that the science that we are learning is not something or the past, but that's intertwined in our daily lives. Huntly, Jim, and I (and other people) were exercising in the Jim the other day, and talking about the lactic acid buildup in our muscles causing soreness. *lol*

Actually, the prospect of constantly adapting diseases kinda scares me. I mean, if people get infected with a virus or disease immune to drugs and stuff that used to be used to combat it, it's just going to get worse and worse, spread, and replicate. Agghhgackck. Scary.

Yeah, that's all I have to say for now.

Period7Lisa said...

As a person who loves sports and plays a lot of them this article freaked me out. Usually I would agree with the General Manager Phil Savage of the Browns when he decided not to tell his team about Winslow's diagnosis before the game, if it had been saturday or sunday. However since it was Thursday when he chose to keep the fact from them I think in a way he should have told them, especially because they could have been infected with it as well.

I haven't really heard any of this talked much about on sports stations, both tv and radio, nor in the sports section of the newspaper, so the fact that "The topic is generating buzz throughout the sports" is amazing to me. I must be missing where all the buzz is, because it seems to not be in the big places.

I was also wondering if anyone knows what the "health privacy laws" are that stop general manager Phil Savage from telling his team? because that, i find, is a more respectable reason to not tell.